This was a weird trip for us in that we waited until our final day to do Epcot.

Epcot is usually a park we do a full day and then probably a half day later in the week.

But this time, because of our schedule and wanting to spend a little extra time in Animal Kingdom, Epcot ended up getting pushed all the way back to our final day.

Luckily for us (or was it), it was an Extra Magic Hours morning, so we got there at around 8 a.m. Timberly had to rent a stroller because we had already returned our Kingdom Strollers rental (seriously great folks there, go check them out).

While she did that, we headed straight to Test Track. Well, we got there to find out they hadn’t opened yet (just like Rock N Roller Coaster a few days earlier).

Side rant: why have extra magic hours if you’re not going to open but two or three attractions? Character spot wasn’t open either, so my wife had to wait outside there for an hour for it to open.

IMG_0454Anyway, we ended up waiting for Test Track for an hour because of the delay in opening, then them closing it while waiting for weather to blow through.

Eventually, we did ride and it was awesome as usual. We headed to character spot area to meet up with Timberly and the other two boys.

From there, we went to Nemo because we had a little time before Soarin’ FastPass. We were able to walk on to the Nemo, then went upstairs to the tanks because Mickey was diving in the tanks!

After that, we headed to Soarin’ to experience the new ride. We did child swap so Timberly waited with Jared and Logan while Kaleb and I rode. Then Timberly took Kaleb and Logan through to ride.

It was awesome. I like the new effects and the new scenes. I do miss the old smells and soundtrack though.

While we were in Soarin’, it started to rain outside, which made that area of the park a little more crowded than we expected. Living with the Land, which we were going to ride next, was a 45-minute wait, so we opted to skip that.

Instead, we went out into the rain and ended up going to Electric Umbrella for an early lunch. It was an OK meal, but I’m not a huge fan of Electric Umbrella. I wish there was another option (besides Sunshines Seasons, which was packed because of the rain) in the front of the park.

After Electric Umbrella, we dodged raindrops to get on SpaceShip Earth. It was raining pretty hard when we got off that, but we wanted to make our way back to World Showcase, so we hit our Figment FastPass, then added a Pixar shorts FastPass, which helped to let the rain clear out of the area.

IMG_0467We then took our time touring World Showcase. We had purposely saved 14 snack credits so we could “snack around the world.” We hit France’s Boulangerie Patisserie, we hit Japan for sushi and a snowcone (or whatever they call it there), we hit Karamel Kuche and then ended with a trip to Norway’s Kringla Bakery for some schoolbread and a troll horn.

It was all good stuff, but next time we’d probably skip lunch and eat breakfast instead and then use the snacks to eat lunch.

Our final ride of the trip was Three Caballeros in Mexico Pavillion. We then headed out of the park and went back to Disney Springs to use our last four quick-service credits at Earl of Sandwich.

It was a great ending to a wonderful trip. I would have loved more time in Epcot, but it is what it is.

It was an incredible trip for us. We did a lot of new things and everyone left happy. It’s been a week and we’re already talking about being back there.

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