The rain on Saturday was actually a blessing because we were able to get back to the room fairly early and get a good night’s sleep before tackling Hollywood Studios on Sunday.

It was extra magic hours in the morning, so we arrived at Studios around 7:45 a.m. and got through bag check right as park was opening.

I have to say I like the new bag check system (especially at Magic Kingdom). It seems to go by a lot faster, unless you end up getting picked for additional screening.

We entered Hollywood Studios and Kaleb and I headed straight to Rock N Roller Coaster while Timberly and the other two boys took their time.


We got to RNR around 8:10 a.m. only to find out that it was still not operating. Within five minutes, though, the line started to move and the wait time immediately shot up to 45 minutes.

I didn’t time it, but I’m pretty sure we waited the entire 45 minutes, and it was well worth it. It was Kaleb’s first time riding and he loved it. He said the launch was pretty intense, but after that, he had a good time.

While we were waiting, Timberly took the other two to Launch Bay to meet BB-8. Launch Bay is located where the old Animation Courtyard was located, near the Disney Junior area.

After they got out of BB-8, we met them in front of Disney Junior and even though we had FastPasses for the 10:30 a.m. showing, we decided to just go ahead and get in line for the first showing at 9:40 a.m. While we were doing that, I changed the Disney Junior FastPass to another attraction later in the day.

Jared really enjoyed Disney Junior, except that he doesn’t really watch Doc McStuffins or Sophia the First, so when those parts came on, he got a little antsy. But as long as Mickey Mouse was on stage, he was having a good time.

I continue to maintain that Disney Junior is one of the most uncomfortable shows at Disney. They make everyone sit on the floor like kindergartners and I just can’t do that anymore. My right leg fell asleep during the show because you have no room to stretch out, and it took me a while to actually walk out of the theater while I waited for blood to rush back into my leg.

I don’t know why they don’t put some kind of bleacher system in there, especially if they’re not going to let the kids stand up (they can’t see the stage if they’re sitting down, not with big adult heads in the way).

Our next FastPass wasn’t for another couple of hours, so we decided to head towards Muppet Vision 3D. We watched that show, then it was getting close to lunch, so we stayed in the area and ate at Backlot Express.

Logan and I had the Dark Side Chicken and Waffles, Kaleb had a bacon cheeseburger and Timberly had a salad. It was all pretty good, considering it was Backlot Express. I had actually sworn off Studios quick-service restaurants because they had gotten to be so blah, but Backlot Express has a new “Star Wars” menu and I wanted to give it a try.

It turned out to be decent. The chicken and waffles was basically chicken nuggets with two Death Star waffles, but it tasted good.

After lunch, it was time for our Star Tours FastPass, so we got in line to do that. Timberly and Logan sat this one out, so Kaleb used Logan’s MagicBand to ride it twice.

By that point, Jared had fallen asleep in his stroller, so we wasted a little time walking around, waiting for our Toy Story FastPass.

We ended up timing it perfectly as he woke up just in time for the FastPass and we got in a very long FastPass line (outside the building all the way toward the old Backlot area). It went by pretty fast though, and we were able to load in the new area that was recently completed.

As usual, had a really good time on that ride.

Our next FastPass wasn’t until 5:30 p.m. for Indiana Jones, so we went take a look at the Great Movie Ride line (and it was still 60 minutes), then moved on to Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage.

I love that show. It’s so well done and the theater is comfortable, especially with the new padded bleacher seats. It was the last show of the day, so it was pretty packed, but that made it even more enjoyable.

After Beauty and the Beast, we made our way back to Indiana Jones area to wait for our FastPass there, and possibly get another round of Star Tours.

Along the way, we stopped and watched some of the Citizens of Hollywood performing a quiz bowl sketch. As always, those guys and gals are so awesome.

We started to make our way to Indiana Jones and was interrupted by the Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma marching down the street. We stopped to watch the procession.


While we were making our way to Indiana Jones, it was clear that all three kids were tired, and that we were now just sticking around just to stick around.

So we made the decision to head back to the room and let the boys do some swimming.

We missed out on some things, like the Star Wars fireworks show and the new Music of Pixar Live show, but it was clearly time for us to head back.

And it turned out to be a great decision.

We got back to the room, put on our bathing suits and went swimming. It proved to be perfect timing because every other day we went back to the hotel, the pool was closed because of the weather.

Up next: Magic Kingdom!