Hey everyone, sorry about the delay in posts. I had a couple of unfinished projects and then we had our trip coming, so I wasn’t able to write as much as I wanted.

Well, we recently returned from our trip to Walt Disney World. It was an amazing trip. For the first time since we’ve been going to Disney, I didn’t stress out during the trip. Nobody got sick, and nobody had a big meltdown.

I’m going to chalk that up to me not working anymore and going into the trip rested and happy. During prior trips, I’d literally spend the entire trip worrying about work, checking emails constantly. I did so some Fairytale Journeys work while I was at Disney, but that’s stress-free compared to what I used to do.

Anyway, I wanted to do a little trip report because we experienced some new things this time around.

We drove down to Orlando on Saturday and knew we were going to take our time getting there and weren’t planning on doing a park the first day.

We arrived to our home away from home — Pop Century — around 1 p.m. We were able to check in and go straight to our room and unpack.

We’ve stayed at Pop Century several times, so we were familiar with the resort. We were in the 70s wing, right on the corner, so we were close to the food court/lobby and the hippie dippie pool.

We had planned on doing Disney Springs that afternoon, so we got everything settled in the room and headed out to experience the re-imagined Downtown Disney.

We took our time really exploring Disney Springs. It had been probably four years since we last visited Downtown Disney, and it’s completely different now.

We started off in the Westside of Disney Springs, just kind of strolling around the area, seeing what had changed. We wanted to check out Boathouse so we could see the floating cars and were able to watch one coming into the dock. They’re pretty cool, and at $25 a person it’s not a bad price.

We scoped out where we wanted to eat dinner and then headed to Marketplace to visit World of Disney and Lego store.

After shopping, we decided on where we wanted to eat. Kaleb chose The Polite Pig, which recently opened. He had a full rack of ribs with mac and cheese and slaw. It was delicious. It was a big enough serving that he could give me a rib, and Timberly and Logan each shared a rib.

It was very good, and for $16.99 not a bad price.

Timberly, Logan and I decided to eat at Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza. I didn’t realize it was a chain, but apparently it’s popping up everywhere. Think of Subway with pizza.

I got a three-meat pizza, Logan got the same and Timberly got a salad on a pizza.

The pizzas were very, very good. I mean, it’s not Via Napoli, but it’s better than PizzeRizzo.

The only issue we had was it started pouring down raining, and we were eating outside. We had a little cover over us, but we still got a little wet.

We ended up having to walk back to the bus stop and got soaked. Not a good start to the trip, getting your shoes completely drenched on the first day.

That’s why we always bring a backup pair.

Up next: Hollywood Studios