As Lou Mongello likes to say (and I’m paraphrasing here), when you’re in Disney World, it’s important to look up, look down and look all around, because the details bring the parks to life.

Nowhere else can you find that kind of attention to details than in the various queues in Disney World. To some, it’s just another line to wait in, but to others it’s an experience.

I’m one of those people who prefer to enjoy the queues. I like to immerse myself in the attraction and let those details bring the ride/show to life.

So, here are my top five queues in Disney World:

Honorable mention: OK, I’m cheating right off the bat here, because this is not a queue in the traditional sense. It’s more of a staging area, but the American Adventure in EPCOT is one of my favorite places to wait for a show. The Voices of Liberty perform prior to the show and if you’ve never experienced it before, you owe it to yourself to check it out. From their beautiful period piece costumes to their wonderful harmony, it’s sure to run the gamut of emotions as you sit there and listen.

5. Test Track in EPCOT

Disclaimer: I never got a chance to experience the original Test Track queue, because as luck would have it, every trip I made prior to Test Track 2.0, the ride was down. But the new queue is wonderful. First you’re taken through a tour of new and futuristic designs of cars. If you’re in the standby line, you’ll get a good chance to get an up close look at these vehicles as you make your way through the queue. All of that serves as inspiration for the next step, which is customizing your own vehicle. My boys and I always have so much fun with this part of the ride. From creating a classic muscle car to envisioning a futuristic hybrid, you can do it all. I’ve seen drag-racing cop cars and hybrid pick-up trucks. What’s cool is that you can then see how your vehicle would perform through all the vehicle tests. It becomes a competition at every turn and you’re always anxious to see how your vehicle stacks up against others in the car.

4. Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom

I’d argue that this queue is the most intricate, in terms of telling a story and getting you ready  for the ride. The premise is that this old tea company has been transformed to a travel agency that specializes in helping clients “conquer Everest.” Along the way, you get little clues about an ancient being that seems to be a big part of the local folklore. As you get closer and closer to the ride vehicles, the Yeti starts to take shape and the tributes seem to turn to fear of this mystical being. It’s like walking through a Yeti museum with constant reminders that your trek to Everest won’t be without a little heightened fear. The details in this queue are tremendous and I could honestly just spend hours walking through slowly, checking everything out.

3. Toy Story Midway Mania

I’ll admit the first time I rode Toy Story Midway Mania, I felt like a kid. Well, honestly I felt like a toy! That’s because the premise of this ride is that you’ve been shrunken down to the size of a toy and you’re in Andy’s bedroom. You’ll see old childhood favorites, such as huge tinker toys, big board game pieces, and a giant Candy Land board. Your first time through the queue, I promise you’ll be experiencing a small case of whiplash as you jolt your head from side to side as you notice more toys from your childhood. And as you get to the entrance for the ride vehicles, you’ll get to meet your old pal Mr. Potato Head. And you might get a little bit of a shock when he compliments you on your shirt or makes a comment about something you’re holding.

2. Muppet Vision 3D

I’m all about sight gags and corny jokes and Muppet Vision 3D delivers in spades. From the exterior of the building to the ticket booth at the entrance that hints that there’s a key under the mat (go ahead, check under the mat), Muppet Vision has so many hidden jokes that you won’t see them all the first time. Once you enter the main waiting area, you can watch on closed-circuit TVs as the Muppets get ready for the big show. And while you’re doing that, look around the room. Read the boxes, look up, look down, look all around. Can you spot the tribute to an original Mouseketeer? (here’s a hint, it’s a net full of jello….get it?)

1.Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom

This might not make a lot of lists, but it tops mine. I could honestly spend all day in this queue, even though it can be very hot during the summer months. It’s got so much detail and so many things to look at that you WILL notice something new every time. And don’t forget to listen to the announcements over the loud speaker, it’ll give you an idea of what kind of corny humor you’re about to experience.

So there you have it. I’ll be the first to acknowledge one of the best queues at Disney didn’t make my list and that’s because I can’t bring myself to ride it. LOL Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios is, from what I’ve heard, the best queue in Disney and quite possibly all of the theme parks. But my knees tremble when I get near that ride, so I’ve yet to brave it. There are some others that I enjoy (Enchanted Tales with Belle has a fantastic pre-show) that didn’t make my list.

So, what’s on your list? What’s your favorite queue at Disney World? Any of the ones I mentioned? Or something else? Comment and let me know. It’s fun to talk Disney!

Thanks again for reading and remember to always let your conscience be your guide.