Sorry for the delay in posts. I wasn’t anticipating being a stay-at-home-dad to be this busy. But my little 2-year old Jare Bear has more energy than I could have imagined.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and talk about a few new announcements made by Disney over the last few weeks. First, the good news.

Rivers of Light has debuted at Animal Kingdom and will continue to have a limited run through April as it continues to work out the kinks. Easiest way to describe it is as a nighttime water spectacular, similar to Fantasmic and World of Color at Disneyland.

The show takes place on Discovery River in Animal Kingdom. There are two official viewing areas, one in Africa that is reserved for FastPasses and dinner package clients. The other is in Dinoland and that’s public seating (first-come, first-served obviously).

Like Fantasmic, it’s recommended to get there 45 minutes before the show so you can secure a spot to watch the spectacular show.


Rivers of Light is not the only thing coming to Animal Kingdom. Pandora, the world of Avatar, will debut Memorial Day weekend, just in time for the summer crowds.

Guests will be transported into the world of Avatar, complete with its floating mountains and lush landscape. The land will feature two attractions when it opens.

The first one is AVATAR Flight of Passage, which promises to be similar to Soarin’, but a little more intense. Guests will take flight on a winged banshee through the world of Pandora.

The second one is Na’vi River Journey, which will be a trip down a river in Pandora. This ride expects to be heavy on the scenery, making use of Disney’s commitment to bringing Pandora to life with its bioluminescent rainforest.


AVATAR-Inspired Land Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Now, the bad news. Prices are going up.

We all know it’s inevitable, but it’s never fun when it happens. Disney announced ticket prices were going up earlier this month and just this week it was announced that the express bus service which links guests directly from park to park has also gone up in price from $15 a day to $19 a day. For a full week, it’s $29, which I think is still a bargain for those of you who prefer to parkhop.

And just announced today, the Disney dining plan price has gone up again. The quick-service plan has gone up from $46.34 to $48.19 per adult and from $20.18 to $20.88 per child.

The regular dining plan has gone up from $67.33 to $69.35 per adult and $24.22 to $24.95 per child.

The deluxe dining plan has gone from $103.57 to $106.68 per adult and $37.62 to $38.75 per child.


The dining plan isn’t for everyone, but I know some of my clients really like it. I say do your research, set up a spreadsheet and figure out exactly how much you think you’ll pay on food at Disney, then price the dining plan.

I like the convenience of the dining plan, in terms of knowing you have those meals already paid for, but the freedom of not having the dining plan is nice too. You could say I’m torn on the issue. LOL

Well, that’s all I got for today. Jared is wrapping up another episode of Mickey and the Roadster Racers, so I’m sure he’ll be looking for me in a few seconds.

Have a great day and remember to always let your conscience be your guide!