So, there’s a lot happening right now at Disney World and I’m going to hit on a couple of things that have recently been announced.

First thing I want to touch on is the announcement of a new service at Disney World that will provide park-to-park transportation for guests willing to pay $15 a day or $24 for the length of their stay (up to a week) per person.

Honestly, my first reaction was that this was Disney’s way of trying to charge for transportation. And I didn’t like the idea. I love Disney transportation. To me, it’s part of the experience. Sure, there are times when the lines are long to get on a bus or boat, but I choose to look at those moments as more opportunities to make memories.

This new park-to-park transportation basically offers guests a chance to go straight from one park to another without having to go to the bus stop/monorail/boat, etc. Disney will have four locations inside the parks where guests willing to pay for the service will convene. A bus will then take them from that park to another park, bypassing the front of the park and going to the “middle” of the park.

The four locations are Buzz Lightyear exit, Spaceship Earth area, Rock N’ Roller Coaster area and Kilimanjaro Safaris exit area.

Like I said, at first, I was against this. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized how much sense it makes for park-hoppers. If you’re one of those families that likes to hit a park in the morning, then switch over to another park after lunch, this kind of service is critical to your plan. If it’s run efficiently, that is. If it still ends up being a 15-minute wait for a bus, then it might not.

I think the main thing that guests will take out of this is not having to walk back to the front of the park, head over to the bus stop and then go through security and the front gates of the next park. That could shave a good 20 minutes off your trip, giving you more time in the second park.

The price seems steep at $15 a day or $24 for the entire trip, but I’ve spent more money on dumber stuff in Disney (those light-up spinny things come to mind). So, for my family of 4 (I’m assuming Jared wouldn’t be charged yet), it would cost us roughly $100 to use this option for a week-long trip.

That’s not bad actually. And if it keeps us from waiting in the bus lines or in line for security, it’s even better.

Second thing I wanted to talk about was the recent announcement that EPCOT was about to undergo some serious refurbs.

Unfortunately, no details were released, but they did confirm that EPCOT will be making some big changes.

As I hinted on the podcast, I think one of those changes will be Guardians of the Galaxy taking over Ellen’s Energy Adventure ride.

As for the other changes, who knows? I’d like to speculate that changes will be coming to the Imagination pavilion, whether that means Journey into Imagination will get some kind of change or the old Honey I Shrunk the Audience/Captain EO theater will get a new show, instead of showing Pixar shorts and coming attractions.

I’d like to think they’ll add a ride to the World Showcase to make that area more of a destination for families and not just a place to eat and drink.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with EPCOT as Disney moves forward.

So, what’s your thoughts? Do you like the new transportation add-on for park-hoppers? Would you pay that much money to have that perk?

What about EPCOT? What would you like to see happen in EPCOT? What changes would you make?

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