How about a Top 5 Friday list to get your day started? Considering how cold it was this morning in Pensacola when I woke up (40s), it’s probably a ill-timed list, but let’s go with the top 5 places to “chill” at Disney. So, it’s the summer and you’re dripping with sweat and you want to take a nice, air-conditioned break, but you don’t want to go back to the room or just sit in the shade. You’d like to do something, a ride or show, so you’re accomplishing something on your list. This is that list:

5. Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Once you get past the pre-show portion where you have to stand for a few minutes, you’re whisked away to your ride vehicle that is literally big enough for you to lay down for a spell (maybe don’t do that, though). The ride is completely enclosed and it’s a good 45-minute break from the heat. Loud dinosaur noises and flashing lights aside, it’s a pretty calm ride and I have nodded off before on this ride.

I promise, I'm not really sleeping on It's a Small World. OK, maybe I dozed off.
I promise, I’m not really sleeping on It’s a Small World. OK, maybe I dozed off.

4. It’s a Small World

This ride is the absolute death of me. I hate the song. Once it gets stuck in your head, you can’t go anywhere without humming it. And I’m not going to lie, the dolls freak me out. And the boat is cramped. But it’s 20 minutes of pure air conditioned bliss. Just gotta try to block the song and dolls out.

3. American Adventure

I’d rate this as my favorite nap spot in Disney. The air conditioning is surprisingly efficient considering how many people walk in and out of that theater during the day. It’s dark and somewhat quiet with a few booming parts in the show. Some days I’ll watch the show intently, other days I’m sawing logs before Mark Twain starts talking. But I’m always up for that final encore. I love that song.

2. Great Movie Ride

Didn’t have a Studios attraction/show on the list, so I threw this one in there. It’s a decent air-conditioned ride and entertaining, despite it being a little outdated by now. But it’s still fun to take a ride back into the old movies. And like I said, you’re inside and away from the Florida heat.

Jared before going into Festival of the Lion King show. He's still working on his roar!
Jared before going into Festival of the Lion King show. He’s still working on his roar!

1. Festival of the Lion King

My favorite show in all of the Disney parks. The new theater is awesome (even though it’s pretty much the same as the old theater) and it’s nearly 30 minutes of pure entertainment. Animal Kingdom is the hottest park at Disney, so it’s a good break from the sweltering heat. And it’s a great show.

So that’s my list. I could have put Finding Nemo: The Musical in there as well, because it’s a good show in air conditioning also. I just think Lion King is a better show. What’s on your list? So many other options like Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, Philharmagic, Tough to be a Bug, etc. Let me know in the comments. And be sure to spread the word about my blog and email me at

Thanks for reading!