Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, I have a wife that I appreciate on a daily basis and love on a daily basis that doesn’t expect dozens of roses and truckloads of chocolate. We still like to surprise her with small gifts, but I don’t feel pressured to shower her with overpriced flowers and candy.

That mini-rant aside, I thought I’d take a few minutes to write about my favorite “romantic” spots in Disney World. Now, keep in mind I’ve only been to Disney once with just me and my wife without kids and that was for our Honeymoon. Because of that, I’ve probably not experienced most of the really great spots. Some of these, I haven’t experienced, but know from others that they are truly romantic. This is just a list, not a ranking, so don’t take the order as being the best to worst (or whatever):

  1. Watching Wishes! from anywhere on Main Street: I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I cry during Wishes. It’s probably also the only time I hold hands with my wife in the parks (I’m anti-hand holding in the parks for various reasons, I can do a blog on that later). A couple of years ago, a castmember allowed us to go onto the grassy area in front of Crystal Palace and sit there. It was a nice little Wishes! picnic for just us. Now that spot has been reserved for FastPass+, so maybe we were beta-testing it. Either way, find a spot on Main Street with a good view of the castle, settle in and enjoy the show with your loved one.
  2. Dinner at California Grill: Chalk this one up as an experience I haven’t done yet. Maybe when our kids are older, we may be able to do this. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the experience, especially if you can time it to be having dessert around the time Wishes! starts.
  3. Share a hammock at a Disney resort beach: IF you can swing it at the poly, that would be my choice. Grab a hammock around 7:30 p.m. and enjoy a beautiful view of Wishes! My wife and I did this at Caribbean Beach during our Honeymoon. We could barely see Illuminations in the background, but it was still a very nice experience.
  4. Catch a Disney movie under the stars (or by the pool): Depending on which resort you’re staying, you can watch a Disney classic movie under the stars or by the pool. I think of the places we’ve stayed, my favorite is either Wilderness Lodge or Port Orleans French Quarter. Both are kinda secluded places (at least away from the bustling pool) and if you come with pillows and blankets, you can set up a nice little area to sit (or lay) and watch a movie.
  5. Take a boat ride by yourself: This one is not always a guarantee, but if you’re on your Honeymoon and the cast member notices that you are on your Honeymoon (we wore the Mickey and Minnie groom and bride hats), you may get your own boat for one of the Disney attractions. My wife and I enjoyed a nice, romantic ride on El Rio Del Tiempo (the Mexico ride before it became Three Caballeros). We also got our own boat on It’s A Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean. It definitely changes the experience, being the only people on the ride.
  6. Ride a horse-drawn carriage: My favorite is at Fort Wilderness. You take a ride into the woods, so you won’t see many people on your ride. You may see some wildlife though, and your ride can quickly turn from a romantic ride to Indiana Jones when the horse is spooked by a snake (that was a fun 30 seconds!). Port Orleans also has horse-drawn carriages. Do them at dusk to take advantage of the romance.
  7. Just let the Disney magic take over your soul: If this were a list, I would rank this as No. 1. Too often people go to Disney and get caught up in the hustle and bustle. As that Frozen chick would say “Let it go!” Let yourself travel back in time to when life was innocent and pure. Forget about that house note or car note that’s due when you get home. Forget about how much that dinner just cost you. Just sit back and let the Disney magic controlĀ  you. When you do, be prepared to have tears come rushing to your eyes at weird moments. Be prepared to break out in song as you skip down Main Street. Be prepared to think that damn bucket of popcorn the person next to you is eating smells like the best popcorn ever. Be prepared to think like a kid again. That’s the best part of Disney. It is an escape. Allow yourself to escape and you’ll see the parks in a whole new light.

So, what do you have as your go-to romantic spots/tips for Disney? Is there a special restaurant you like to dine that brings back memories? I like Coral Reef’s beautiful views of the aquarium (hard to beat that for romance). Is there a ride that gets you every time? (maybe the scene on Under the Sea where Prince Eric and Ariel are in the boat and that fool just don’t wanna kiss the girl)

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