I want to apologize for not keeping this blog up as much as I originally intended. I’m still here, just haven’t really had the time to devote to this blog.
Since I last left you, we’ve made another trip to Disney World. We went the first full week in June, right after my wife finished up her school year. Once again we stayed at Pop Century.
It was another great trip to Disney World. Despite the fact that it was our fifth trip in the last year, we still managed to experience new things. So, as a way to get this blog back rolling again, I present our top five new experiences from our last trip:

1. Spirit of Aloha at Polynesian — We had been talking about doing this show for a few trips now, but always figured the money would be better spent somewhere else. This time, since we had a few months to prepare and plan, we decided to go for it. It was really a lot of fun. Sad because it rained leading up to and during parts of the show, but overall it was a great atmosphere. Loved the food, especially the bread. The fire twirler at the end was the definite highlight. I’d probably go back and see the show, but I have to admit I still prefer Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.

2. Blizzard Beach Water Park — Up until now, our only trip to a water park at Disney was 12 years ago for our Disneymoon. We did Typhoon Lagoon that year and really enjoyed it. We just haven’t gone with our kids yet, because again, we felt the money was better spent elsewhere. Plus, with the pools at the resorts, we thought spending an entire day at a water park wasn’t worth it with our kids. This time, we decided to test the waters, so to speak. It was a complete hit. Kaleb loved doing all the slides (except the really big ones) and Logan had a blast in the kids’ area, as well as the pre-teen area. Kaleb and I did the Toboggan races four times. By the fourth time, I had it down pretty well and I’m sure I was putting up record times. Timberly also surprised us with a cabana for the day, and even though I was a little upset about the chunk of change she spent, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a nice, relaxing way to spend the day. We’re now contemplating upgrading our passes to include water parks and more so we can take one day during our trips for the water parks.

3. Resort hopping to Art of Animation — our first night there we decided to hit Downtown Disney for some shopping. And after we finished, instead of going back to Pop, we opted to take the Art of Animation bus to check out the new resort. We loved the theming at the two areas we explored (Nemo and Cars). The lobby area is identical to Pop Century, but the pools are a definite upgrade. The Nemo pool is a huge pool with a zero entry area. It’s a moderate-quality pool at a value resort. If the rooms weren’t so expensive, I’d consider staying here. But as long as the rooms are more expensive than a moderate, I’ll stay away.

4. Test Track — Believe it or not, in my seven prior trips to Disney World, I had never experienced Test Track. As luck would have it, I was always visiting when the ride was down. This time, we made it a priority and loved it. Kaleb and I rode it and he said it is now his favorite ride (although Splash did give Test Track a run for the money). I wish I could have ridden Test Track 1.0 to get an idea of what changed, but it was still fun to ride it. Best part of the ride was when you are doing the speed part of it, as we were racing down the track, hitting 65 miles per hour, Kaleb screams out “I’m going to love you forever, daddy!” 🙂

5. DVC tour — I know this is kind of a corny one, but we decided to do a tour of the Disney Vacation Club while we were there. We weren’t planning on doing it, but while we were killing time before Festival of the Lion King, we checked out the DVC kiosk. Jessica, our lovely DVC hostess, did a good job of convincing my wife it might be worth it to check out. We didn’t have anything planned for that afternoon anyway, just a rest and relaxation afternoon, so when we heard they’d put the kids in the kids’ clubhouse while we did the tour, we said OK. I gotta tell you, if I had the money at the time, I’d be a DVC owner right now. The rooms are fantastic. The amenities are extraordinary. The perks are the best. We’re seriously considering buying into DVC now. Maybe next year, when we’re a little more settled in here in Pensacola. I would say this, though, if you have a little extra time in your day, go sign up for a tour. I can promise you it’s a not a high-pressure sales pitch. You’re already at Disney, so they know they don’t have to sell you on coming back. You’re probably already hooked anyway. LOL

So, there you have it, in 900 words. Until next time…