Disney World has been moving to a new trend over the last few years, making everything a little more interactive for the park guests.

What that means is more queues which have interactive elements, such as the Haunted Mansion updated queue. I like to call them Disney “distractions.” It’s there to make you temporarily forget you just waited 35 minutes in line to experience a 90-second ride.

I like the added interactive areas. I can tell you that it’s nice when you have kids who get bored in lines very easily. Those queues with interactive elements definitely make the time fly.

But my favorite thing Disney has done and will continue to do is add other interactive elements throughout the park through games, such as the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and World Showcase Adventure.

Disney just announced a third interactive element is coming to the park, one in the form of Wilderness Explorers in Animal Kingdom. Remember Russell from Up? Disney promises a similar experience, where you’ll earn badges for completing tasks.

For years, I avoided the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, but on our trip in November, the boys asked to play the one that replaced Kim Possible — Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.

I have to admit, it was pretty fun. But I’ll tell you the best part: As an adult, there may be no easier way to tour the countries than this nifty little game. Before Agent P sent us out on missions around the various countries, we would usually walk along the outside of each country, slowly making our way around World Showcase without actually experiencing World Showcase.

Agent P’s adventure actually forces you to do the opposite. You have to go inside each country pavilion and do a pretty thorough tour. The cool part is that there are special effects that keep the kids interested, while the adults enjoy the scenery.

If Wilderness Explorers is anything like Agent P, as far as immersing you in each country in Animal Kingdom, it will be a welcomed addition to Animal Kingdom.

I’ve often said that I’m guilty of going to Disney World and not slowing down enough to appreciate the detail. You definitely notice it when you do the Agent P adventure.

I’m hoping to get similar experiences with Wilderness Explorers. It would be nice to actually slow down and enjoy the architecture that went into developing the Asia area of Animal Kingdom. It would be nice to experience all that Africa has to offer. It would be awesome to see exactly what Chester and Hester…..Nah, who am I kidding, there’s nothing good about that area.

Wilderness Explorers will give three of the four parks some kind of “game” to play as an alternative. Maybe Disney Studios will be next.

What “game” would you like to see in the Studios? How would they incorporate that into the theme of the park? Is that park just not suitable for a game?

Until next time, thanks for reading and I’ll see you real soon.