One thing you have to give Disney credit for — it’s constantly evolving.

The naysayers will proclaim it’s just Disney chasing new money, but I think it’s Disney recognizing the fact that stale doesn’t sell.

Just in the last year, Disney has announced so many new things (New Fantasyland being the biggest of those in 2012). The New Fantasyland expansion doubles the size of Fantasyland (see previous blog about Top 5 things to do in New Fantasyland).

But even with Disney dumping so much money into that area of the park, the company is not sitting still. Sometime later this spring, Disney will officially usher in MyMagic+, which will be a completely immersive tool that will transform the way you visit Walt Disney World.

You can read more about MyMagic+ here

Basically, MyMagic+ will combine your park ticket, room key, Fastpass, Photopass,and credit card all into one convenient wrist band. With the announcement of MyMagic+ came the refurb of the Disney website, which you’ve most likely experienced if you’ve logged on recently. It also created a new app, which mirrors the website features.

Essentially, the new features will allow you to plan your trip extensively, and when FastPass+ comes on board, you’ll be able to go into great detail. For example, say you know you want to ride Toy Story Midway Mania on a certain day of your trip. You’ll be able to reserve a one-hour window to visit TSMM, the same way you would if you get a FastPass from the kiosk. That means no more stroller dash to TSMM as soon as Disney Studios opens.

You’ll also be able to make dining reservations via the My Disney Experience app. Truthfully, you can plan out your entire day through the app. (I wouldn’t completely throw away the Touring Plans app, though. Their plans are still the best out there)

I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t completely overjoyed with MyMagic+ and FastPass+ when it was first announced. I had my reservations about the whole thing, as I sometimes like to take a casual approach. But after reading more about it, there’s room for both the Commando tourers, as well as the casual ones.

I think the great things that could come out of MyMagic+ are endless. The RFID bracelets that you get instead of your room key/ticket will be GPS-enabled, meaning Disney can track your every move.

Now, that’s good, and bad. If you’re anti-Big Brother, you probably won’t like Disney knowing where you’re spending your time and money. But if you look at it the opposite way, it also provides Disney will tools that can better the parks.

Say, for example, after four months of studies, the Disney execs notice that only 10% of the guests ever make their way to a certain area of the park. Maybe they take that information and alter that area of the park to make it more appealing.

The bracelets will also allow cast members to become more interactive. Maybe your daughter’s bracelet has that her favorite character is Cinderella and that she spent the morning eating breakfast at the castle. That afternoon, if she visits Cindy for a picture, Cinderella may greet her with a “Hey Sarah, great to see you at breakfast this morning. I’m so happy I’m your favorite.” That interaction would be worth any “snooping” Disney is doing.

Like I said, the opportunities are endless.

What are your feelings on MyMagic+ and the changes in store for this spring/summer? How do you feel about FastPass+ giving you an opportunity to plan your entire trip 180 days out? Comment below, I’d love to get your input.