How often can you say that above statement? I mean, think about it. Your parents have probably taken you to Disney World (or AstroWorld, in my case), but how often do you get a chance to take your parents to Disney World?

Back in 2005, we made a trip to Disney World for Christmas. My mom and my brother joined my wife and our oldest son on the trip (youngest son hadn’t been born yet). My dad was also supposed to come with us, but about a week before the trip he came down with a terrible flu and had to stay home to avoid contaminating all of us. As it turns out, we still ended up all getting sick while were in Disney World anyway. LOL

Anyway, fast-forward eight years and now my dad finally gets to make his first-ever trip to Disney World. Those who don’t know my dad, he’s a kid. Seriously, and that’s not a knock on him. He likes to have fun, watch cartoons, make jokes. He was so excited about the Disney trip the last time around, but just couldn’t make it. In the seven years since, he’s had to hear us recount all the great memories from the trip.

Now, he gets to be a part of those memories. We’re going to take a little weekend trip on Jan. 19, partially to celebrate our youngest son’s birthday.

Like I said, this will be my dad’s first trip. This will be my mom’s first trip with both of her grandkids. I’m so looking forward to this trip, even though it’s going to be way too short. We’ll have to make up for that down the road.

Anyway, I love a good list, so here are the seven things I’m most excited about experiencing next weekend in Disney World:

1. My dad’s face when we walk down Main Street, USA. He’s been to AstroWorld and absolutely loved AstroWorld. When we talk about Disney, he compares it to AstroWorld. Poor thing, he’s going to be blown away. LOL

2. Watching Wishes! with the family. I love Wishes. I won’t lie, it gets me every time. I get a little tear rolling down my cheek and bite my lip to keep it from becoming the backside of water. To be able to experience that with my mom, dad, wife and kids will be special.

3. Speaking of backside of water, I can’t wait to ride Jungle Cruise with my dad. There was this old ride at AstroWorld that was loosely similar to Jungle Cruise. I can’t remember the name of it, but my dad loved it. I think he’s going to love Jungle Cruise even more.

4. Eating at Whispering Canyon for Lolo’s birthday. He picked it for his birthday lunch and I love him for it. I love Whispering Canyon. Talk about a lot of fun. Going to try to get my dad to ask for ketchup, and maybe get my mom to get a refill or two. 🙂

5. Watching my boys take their mammy and pampy on their favorite rides. I honestly don’t know who’s more excited about this trip, but I would imagine our boys are the most pumped. They got a chance to do this with my wife’s mom and dad last year and enjoyed it. This will be a special trip for them.

6. Taking it all in and making lasting memories. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Festival of the Lion King, Kilamanjaro Safaris, Peter Pan. So many attractions to see, so little time to do it. I want to do enough to make it worth their while, but leave enough for them to want to come back.

7. Finally, I’m looking forward to staying at Caribbean Beach again. That’s where it all started for Timberly and I. It’s where we stayed for our Honeymoon and where the Disney bug bit me hard. It’s been going on 11 years that we’ve been to Caribbean Beach. Hopefully we can recreate one of those magical strolls on the beach at night.