Sorry I missed a couple of days, but we’ve been keeping pretty busy. And when I get back, I just want a hot tub and a cold bed.
Day two took us to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. We got there an hour early and arrived to find a huge crowd wrapped around the front. Good thing they were all there for celebrity autographs. We got through the turnstiles at about 7:45 a.m. (thanks to the storm troopers forcing them to open early). We headed straight to Star Tours. it was awesome, the new 3-d aspect is fun, and the ride feels much smoother. Kaleb’s a fan, which says a lot.
We criss-crossed across the park and got fast passes for Toy Story. While waiting for our fast pass return time, we got some pictures with characters. We got Phineas and Ferb, McQueen and Mater. Queen Amidala and Shakk Ti (we were in line for Anakin, but he left right as it was our turn. Always happens to us).
Caught a quick showing of The Muppets, then headed to TSM. After the ride’ we got fast passes for later in the night. We caught Great Movie Ride on the way out of a very hot, very packed park.
The break was what we needed as both boys took a short nap, before we headed back to the park. Upon returning, we did Indiana Jones show, which both boys loved. We had dinner reservations at Sci-Fi, so we hung around that area. ADRs were for 6:15, we got seated at 6:50. We gave Sci-Fi a second chance and I still don’t like it. I don’t like the long wait and I don’t like the seating. On a good note, the food was better than last time and we got free sundaes because we’re celebrating our anniversary.
We barely made it out of Sci-Fi in time to see Hyperspace Hoopla. We didn’t have great view of the stages but it was still fun. After the show, we saw another dark cloud rolling in, so we decided to hit TSM one last time using our fast passes. Before we could get to TSM, the skies opened. We got soaked, but we got in. This was one time I had wished we were in a long standby line. Instead we got right on with fast passes, then had to head out into a huge thunderstorm. We inched our way from awning to awning, then decided to just power through the rain. We were drenched, but on the way out, I made sure to stop and get two R2D2 popcorn buckets for my boys. We safely made it home, but had to spend an hour or two drying tennis shoes for the next day.