There are good days, and bad days. And then there are days you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed. Saturday started out as one of those days. Woke up extra early to take advantage or extra magic hours and got to Animal Kingdom at 7:30. Headed straight to Kilamanjaro Safaris and had the absolute best ride we’ve ever experienced there. It started with a stork blocking our path and then leading our truck on a slow crawl. It continued with us getting very close glimpses of giraffes, a hippo and a white rhino. We also got a good look at the male lion sitting up near his rock. Awesome view!
After that, we headed to Expedition Everest for my first ever ride. Tried to convince Kaleb to ride with me but he didn’t. So I went on single rider and got on in three minutes. It was awesome! Smooth ride all the way through with a couple of stomach-churning turns.
Sadly it was all downhill (pun intended) from there. Boys got a little cranky, so Timberly left with tem and I stayed behind. I went watch it’s tough to be a bug! Then went see the first showing of Festival of the Lion King. I love the show, but it’s not the same watching it without my family.
Park started getting crowded at that point, so I came back to the room to chill. Weather is starting to cloud up, so not sure what’s on the agenda for tonight.