It’s 11:15 p.m. and I’m wrapping things up and getting ready to hit the hay before tomorrow’s 7-hour journey to Walt Disney World.

This week has been one of the slowest weeks ever, but it’s finally over.

I bet my boys are happy it’s finally here. Not so much for the actual trip to Disney World, but for the fact that they don’t have to hear me ask “What are you most looking forward to doing in Disney World?” (Kaleb has finally just reverted to answering “Everything.”)

I have so been looking forward to this trip. Our trip during Mother’s Day only whetted our appetite for more.

I can’t wait to tour the parks at a leisurely pace, instead of racing from attraction-to-attraction because we were vacationing on limited time.

Tomorrow, we’ll leave at 8 a.m., but I have a feeling I’ll be up a lot earlier than that and we may push off a little early. I don’t think anybody in the Aymond household will complain.

Next time I post, we’ll be on Mickey Mouse time!